My Old Kentucky Home: Place-based Inequality in America

Source: The Atlantic

Kentucky Metrics

Source: US News
Source: Gallup
Source: Live Stories
Source: amFAR
Source: Value Care Pharmacy

“ We need to understand that opioid addiction is a multifactorial problem with multifactorial solutions. This crisis didn’t appear overnight and neither will any meaningful solutions. While President Trump’s declaration of emergency should produce more available resources, let’s hope the resulting action isn’t mired in a tangle of red tape. If there are more bureaucrats involved in the administrative aspects than there are addicts getting help, we are fighting a losing battle.

Source: Live Stories
Source: WV Public Broadcasting

“ WKU has for a long time now been caught in a vicious cycle. State funding is cut. Students bear the brunt of those costs through higher tuition and fees. As a result, few students can afford to attend WKU. This feeds a decline in enrollment and triggers further budgetary shortfalls.

Source: WKU Herald

Source: 4ICU
Source: WFPL
Source: Dr. Aaron Thompson
Source: Courier-Journal

“ More than 80 percent of the Kentucky students who graduated with a bachelor’s degree from one of the Commonwealth’s public universities were working in Kentucky a year later, compared to less than 30 percent of the out-of-state students”

Source: Kentucky Coucil on Postsecondary Education
Source: Think Kentucky
Source: USA Today
Source: BLS
Source: NPR
Source: WV Public
Source: WV Public
Source: WMKY
Source: WV Public

“There is nowhere to get a job unless you move away. For some of us, that’s not possible.”

Source: The Crazy Tourist
Source: HailStateBeat
Source: Travel Thru History
Source: Best Places
Source: Business Insider



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